How to use Promed’s Thrive Wellness Program to your best benefit?

We have come up with a wellness program that fits your busy life

Integrated Disease Modifying Therapies [IDMT]

Integrated Disease Modifying Therapies (IDMT) are a combination of exercise and wellness programs along with diet and physiotherapy, done under the close supervision of physicians. These integrated programs can not only improve, but also reverse certain medical conditions thus improving quality of life. After thorough evaluation of the patient’s history & labs, personalised programs are provided to the patient.

Metabolic disorder: Diab, PCOD, Hypertension

Physical inactivity and poor eating habits have been considered as risk factors for metabolic disorders like Diabetes, PCOD, Hypertension and high cholesterol . The regular practice of physical activities along with nutritional counseling has beneficial effects in the prevention and treatment of such diseases. Thrive Wellness Center introduces a combination of yoga, fitness training, resistance building and Zumba to offer a well rounded program.

Heart Problems

High energy dance form Zumba along with the calming meditation and yoga exercises improve strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation and is a perfect combination for primary prevention of heart problems. These activities help lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose levels and heart rate. Healthy lifestyle in combination with cardiac rehabilitation can halt or even reduce plaque build-up in the arteries thus helping with secondary prevention of cardiac problems. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is one of its kind and is modeled along the rehab programmes offered internationally.

Mental health

Did you know that yoga can reduce anxiety, depression, and negative mood? ..that physical activities can improve self-esteem and cognitive function?..that dance forms become a rehabilitation tool to express emotions through the body? The answer is Yes..Yes..and Yes. Dance and Yoga are an often neglected intervention in mental health care. We, at Thrive Wellness Center, understand the importance of this and provide you with a combination of yoga, meditation, chanting and Zumba along with group counseling sessions as a part of our mental health program

Elderly neuro balance

Yoga is rightly called mind-body medicine. Asanas are the aerobic components that stimulate the central nervous system and improve cognitive functioning. Yoga increases body awareness which improves balance in older people. Yoga and slow forms of dance, along with our Fall Prevention program and resistance training can help decrease the chance of fall and improve the patient’s confidence to walk.


Our musculoskeletal system supports the body, allows motion, and protects vital organs. A well- planned sequence of yoga poses stretches all joints and joint capsules without injuries. It also helps to lubricate the joints with synovial fluid to keep them from becoming stiff. Poor posture in the workplace is one of the commonest causes of pain in the younger population. Our musculoskeletal program offers robust physiotherapy sessions along with resistance training and yoga to help improve posture, strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis and age-related weakening.

Respiratory problems & Allergies

Pranayama can increase our intake of oxygen up to five times! Apart from breathing exercises, yoga poses also support the respiratory system by expanding the lungs and giving them space to breathe. Certain cleansing asanas can also help overcome seasonal allergies. Regular yoga practice enables the body to fend off allergens. From Asthma to allergies to COPD to repeat respiratory infections, our Wellness program has something to offer for all. At Thrive, we’ve created a unique combination of Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Yoga for the health needs of people with respiratory issues.

Specialized pregnancy yoga session

During pregnancy a woman goes through crucial physical and emotional changes. It’s very important to have a good balance between body and mind at that time. Prenatal yoga has immense benefits for a pregnant woman. Thrive offers specialized yoga sessions twice a week. Our specialized yoga program for women focuses on the poses, strength and flexibility of the body that is needed for childbirth. This yoga session will also cure some common discomforts like back ache, nausea, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath and carpal tunnel syndrome.

See how our wellness techniques can change your life

  • Enables holistic transformation and wellness

  • Enables to improve productivity and performance

  • Enables to face life’s challenges effectively

  • Keeps one motivated and energized

  • Effective stress reliever

  • Promotes better relationship through Peace and Harmony

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